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Amy Price

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for that thread...still confused though.

MIME type is not the issue because it plays on the desktop.

However if one of the vieos is embedded in the basic web page, it plays on the iPad.

But when I package up the file, the videos don't play. Which makes me think its something in the way its packaged?? The videos display spinner and continues to load and never plays.

Any ideas?

Amy Price

Hi guys,

Don't know if this helps shed any more light on my problem and bear with me I am repeating words from my tech team!

Our courses with mp4 videos work fine when we upload the course and view through our LMS.

They don’t work when we upload them “stand alone through html5” or through embedding them in the iFrame and not using LMS at all.

Make sense?


Ryan Frame


I had a similar issue with videos not playing, starting with the slide or not syncing with audio on the slide seemed to be a streaming issue all the fixes I found caused other issues or unintended results. The work around we found is a bit more work but seems to always work on all platforms.

On slides with videos that can be navigated directly to(from anything other than a "next slide") we pause the slide at the start of the timeline and open an empty layer. the layer has a 1sec timeline and at the end of the timeline for the layer it toggles a variable and closes the layer. on the main timeline when that variable is changed it will play the timeline/and media. Also if you are auto advancing slides set the slide to advance by user and use a trigger to advance when "media completes" (the video) as occasionally the video may get cut off by a 1/2-1 sec otherwise.

Seems complicated but this resolved any streaming/timing issues and forces the media to play at start(1sec delay) on all platforms. The small delay seemed preferable over the user having to hit play on the video or getting out of sync.

If anyone has a simpler solution please let me know.