Visited state works in Preview but not when Published

Jan 30, 2018

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have an activity. There are 4 areas of the text the change colour (the visited states) once click on. It works perfectly in the preview but alas not when published.

- I have created them all from scratch, no luck.

- My file is on the local drive.

- I tried to create a stated called "complete" instead of "visited" but that didn't fix things.

I am not very good with Variables and have been troubleshooting this with every trigger I can think of. I have seen other discussion posts with similar headings but none that seem to address my issue. Help would be appreciated. My SL2 file is attached.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa,

What slide is this activity on? Is it slide 1.5? I'd start by removing all the triggers for changing to the visited state when the user clicks. The visited state is one that happens automatically by a user clicking on it and going to a new slide/layer. If you've added a trigger into it, that could be why it's not behaving as expected. 

Also, when you're testing your published content, where did you upload it? If you're not ready to upload to your LMS, try SCORM Cloud. That'll provide a more accurate experience than testing it locally. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vanessa,

You're likely seeing the HTML5 output in your Chrome browser, and the Flash output in all other browsers. Sometimes things behave differently in Flash and HTML5, so that could explain why you're seeing differences. 

Let us know what happens after you remove the triggers for the visited state and test the file in SCORM Cloud! 

Vanessa M

I removed any unnecessary view "Visited" state triggers. This did not change the outcome when viewed in Chrome. I finally switched almost everything to "Complete" and this has worked. Really strange that the visited stated didn't appear when published because I haven't had this issue in the past. Hopefully, my experience and final fix can help someone else. Thanks Heroes.

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