Volume Slider not working with videos

Jul 11, 2018

We recently noticed that with the last Articulate 360 update the Volume slider is not working when a video is on the slide.

It works fine with a normal audio file; you can adjust the volume up and down. When a video is on the slide, the volume slider doesn't adjust the audio until you go to the next slide where the volume is set to where you left it on the previous slide.

It worked fine in the previous version.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

Thanks for reaching out to our Support team and reporting this. I saw you worked with Miker to confirm the issue and we have a report filed with our team to investigate further. 

We'll let you know here as soon as we have more info about the issue where the volume slider not working for videos in published projects.

Katie Riggio

Circling back on Alyssa's promise to let you know.. 🥁

Update 20 for Storyline 360 is now live–check out all the improvements here! This one has a fix for the issue where videos wouldn't loop when designed to do so, and the volume slider stopped working.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to experience everything the latest release has to offer. Give it a go, and let us know what you think!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Myriam and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You mention that you have the latest version of Storyline. Are you using Storyline 360? 

Ashley shared above that this was corrected in Update 20 and we are currently on Update 21

Is the course recently published with the latest update as well or was it previously published prior to the fix?

Please feel free to share the .story file so that we can take a look.

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