Web Object - Scrollbars / Grey Bars

Hi All,

I'm having some issues with embedding a web object. 

When setting it to the 'size' of the object itself, I'm getting the usual scroll bars. 
If I make it a little bigger (+ 20px height and width seems to help) I get an ugly grey outline.

I've change the html source to ensure background is white.
I've looked at these previous links, including the articulate one on modifying the stylesheet; none seem to work[1,2,3,4].
I've found one that suggests going into the developed SL files, and hand-modifying the code, but I feel this isn't a sustainable, long-term solution.

It's an animation I developed in Flash, using a HTML5 Canvas, and then 'renamed' the generated html file to 'index.html' so that SL360 would pick it up and allow embedding. 

any thoughts / ideas muchly appreciated. I'll also be submitting this as a feature request to allow changing it.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thank you, Kris, for reaching out here. It sounds like you've done quite a bit of troubleshooting on your own.I'll have to defer to the community for their ideas beyond the steps you've already taken. Also, thanks for sharing your perspective in the form of a feature request. We take your thoughts and ideas seriously, as we plan to make frequent updates to Storyline 360.

Kris N

Thanks Alyssa! 

As it turns out, the changes in SL2 -> SL360 has meant the modifying of generated SL files is no longer possible; even digging around in the code there was nothing I could find which would allow me to change the background colour :(

I'll await other heroes input on this!