Weird Ghosting in Preview

Feb 15, 2021

Hi, everyone!  I am using the latest build of Storyline 360.  In two different projects, I am experiencing some weird things in Preview.  Two examples:

1 - I created some boxes with selected states.  The boxes don't have any borders.  When I de-select one of the boxes in Preview, there is a faint hint of an outline around the object remaining.

2 - I create a slide with a single layer.  I copied the objects from the base layer and pasted them on Layer 1.  I then changed the color of some of the objects pasted on the layer.  In Preview, you can see the base layer object, which is a different color than the one on the layer, peeking out around the layer objects.  I doubled checked to make sure the x and y values of the objects are the same on both the base slide and layer. Since the layer objects should be covering the base layer objects, I am not sure why I am seeing the base layer objects at all.

Published output does not seem to be an issue; it is just with Preview.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior in preview?

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