When published, shapes inside Storyline do not retain their border thickness appropriately

Feb 05, 2015

Hi there -

I am running into a strange issue with publishing a project in Storyline. I am using a series of shaded boxes throughout the presentation and sometimes these boxes publish as intended with a thicker border as set in the Storyline file. However, some of the same boxes (literally copied the same box) to another place in the presentation, and the border does not match the assigned thickness. 

See attached screenshots for an example. 

We have tried publishing on several machines, only to yield the same results.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

[We are using Storyline 2, Update 4, but have also tried publishing on Update 3 to yield same results]

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Taylor Kenney

Hello Emily - We are indeed using the content in it's intended environment. The issue occurs both locally and inside our LMS.

I appreciate your response; however after fussing with the file this morning, we discovered that the problem was that the px weight for the border box was not specified - there was no weight selection made at all. So we went back and made sure it was specified that we wanted 1px and that fixed the problem.

Thank you.

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