When Running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie

Oct 10, 2013

It appears that the option 'When Running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie' is a bit misleading.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it should be "Ignore Flash cookie when published for LMS".

My course is published for LMS, but I'm hosting it outside the LMS and inside an LMS. I would like the version that's hosted outside the LMS to use the Flash cookie. (From what I understand, the course can tell if it's found an LMS when it launches.)

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Janice Pericich

We have been having issues with our courses not being marked as complete if someone starts the course, stops it (closes it), and then restarts again.  It just shows it as "in progress".  We are having difficulty determining if it is an issue with our hosted LMS or an issue with the course.  Can you provide more information about this option?  What function does the Flash cookie perform?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janice,

The Flash cookie will track where the user left the course and return them to that spot if you've enabled the resume behavior. If you're having difficulty with the course tracking, you may want to review the troubleshooting steps here, specifically looking at testing the content within SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing LMS content. 

Doug Doyle

Okay, I'm going to resurrect this conversation since I'm still having issues with some of our users. 

My question is if you have a .quiz file inside of a presenter file, does the 'Ignore Flash Cookie when running in LMS' feature in the .quiz file matter? since we have, after all, already set this (turned this feature on) in the Presenter Player options?

The presenter player option to 'ignore flash cookie when running in LMS' is indeed sending the user back to the screen they were on, no question. If the user happens to exit while reviewing their .quiz answers for example, and then re-opens the same module, they are returned to the same 'review answers' spot alright, but they are unable to click on anything, becoming stuck.

Should the option to 'Ignore flash cookie when running in LMS' be unchecked?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug,

The Presenter player will take control of the resume behavior from the .quiz file (and all the other player elements will default to the Presenter course). If the quiz is the only element not resuming correctly, I'd be curious to know if you run into the same behavior if you leave the course after the quiz review and are unable to navigate back to it? 

The option to ignore the Flash cookie will depend on your LMS and how it's going to handle the tracking and resume. If the LMS has that setting, then you can choose to ignore it - and if they don't then you'll want to use the cookie element but that will also look for the user to be on the same browser/computer to reaccess the course. Another good idea is to test how this is behaving for your courses in another industry standard such as SCORM Cloud, and compare that to what you're seeing in your LMS. If SCORM Cloud si still not allowing you to resume where you left off, we'll want to take a look at the Presenter package (which includes the .quiz file). 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wilhelm,

We no longer use that feature in SL360, so it was removed. You'll be able to just choose the resume setting and go from there.

If you've got a course that isn't behaving as expected in your LMS, we'd want to take a look at it, and know if you were also able to give it a test within the SCORM Cloud environment which is an industry standard for LMS testing. 

DR-B learning solutions GmbH

Hi Ashley,

I have a course that sends "completed" after 20 slides (Scorm 1.2/Storyline 3). But there are more slides that the user can visit optionally. The 'promt to resume' windows work fine for the first 20 slides. But I also need the tracking for the optional slides.

Do you have any idea how this works?

Best regards,


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