Why do new layers have a different font style?

Jun 10, 2015

Hello All - Can someone please help me, I'm sure its just a setting somewhere.

In my Slide Master I created a Font Theme that has Arial for the Heading font & the Body font.

But for some reason, if I create a new layer, and copy a text box from the base layer that is in the Arial font, and paste it to that new layer, the font changes to Open Sans.  I have no idea at all how to change this, and its quite frustrating to say the least!

Does anyone else experience this, or give me some lead on how to fix it?


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Leah Hemeon

Hi Rob,

This drove me batty before I figured it out too! I finally figured out that the layers are using the fonts from the question masters for some reason so I had to go in and change all of those fonts as well. It was a little backwards to me but perhaps one of the fine and very helpful Articulate folks can help us with some details on why this happens.

Rob Verzera

Leah - Thank you SO MUCH!! It has been driving me crazy. I've even set my text box to Arial as default and it was still happening!

You made my Wednesday.

Leslie - if you go into view->Master Slides and select the feedback masters.  What ever font theme that master has on it, will carry over into the layers of your slide, regardless of what your Main Master slide font theme is.

In my case - the master feedback had the font theme set to Open Sans, and the main Master Slide has the theme set to Arial.
So If I copy a text box from the main slide, create a layer, then paste that text box, the text would change to Open Sans.

Changing the feedback masters to Arial theme fixes is.

Thanks again Leah!

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