Windows 10 Creator Update - Any Issues?

Apr 10, 2017

Just curious, now that folks can install the newest update to Windows 10, the Creators Update, just wondering if there might be any issues with it and SL2/SL3/SL360?  Anyone using it already with SL?

I'd expect not but before I update my main PC with Windows 10 on it to the Creators release, just thought I'd check here first just to be sure . . . :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gerry,

You're definitely cutting edge, it looks like it rolled out today! I checked with our team and it seems it's just a point release, so there is no cause for concern using the latest update of Windows 10 with Storyline. They're doing a quick "sanity" check to confirm that - but if you don't hear otherwise, you are good to go! 

Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Ashley!  I'm too old to be cutting edge!  :) :) :)

Actually, I just hang out on sites like CNET and Engadget and hear about these things coming.

Actually, I'm more lazy than cutting edge.  I installed the new Windows update days ago on my main laptop and was just too lazy to test SL360 on it.  Thought I'd ping you folks first.


Madalina Camarasu


I use Storyline 2 and I just did the Windows 10 Creators Update and I have some problems after I publish the course as LMS, SCORM 2004. All the animations, text and shapes look really weird. Also, I followed the storyline guidelines when it comes to Windows updates. Any other ideas/workarounds that you could suggest?  Until the update everything was just fine.

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Madalina,

I haven't gone through and done the Windows 10 update myself, but I know that one of our QA team did and gave it a test. I'd want to have our team take a look at your Storyline 2 file and publish it on our end, are you able to share it with them here? Also if you have a link to the published output we'd want to see that too! 

David Hunt


Apprecaite this thread was several months ago but we just received the update.

We are now having significant issues with this Windows 10 Creators update. SInce the update we have not been able to publish (using Storyline 2), it just crashes every time. Tried the fix in the other thread (running as an Administrator) but still not resolved.

Are there any updtes on this?

Many thanks


Kathrine Ronis

Are there any updates you can tell us about?  We have updated to creator's edition recently, and suddenly some people (not all, but they are using IE,) who are taking a particular mandatory course are passing without getting to the final exam, just by leaving the course in the middle.  We'd like to avoid that if possible.  No changes have been made to our LMS, so we think that it has something to do with Windows, which has been the latest major update.  Please advise.

Kathrine Ronis

The course was created with Storyline 2 two-plus months ago.  The course was published and loaded directly into Saba.  It worked fine up until last week.
Due to the rules of our company, I am not allowed to share our course files.  Is there anything that the support engineers were able to find so everyone can test/rule out if they too are in the process of upgrading?

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