Worksheet scores not recording on LMS

Dec 17, 2018

We have developed a self-marking quiz in Storyline 360 that is built to allow unlimited attempts to pass (100%). If the user does not achieve 100% in the first attempt, they have the option to 'retry' and re-answer their incorrect answers. However, users are reporting issues with their scores not recording on the LMS (moodle) when they achieve a pass - 100%. 

This happens most commonly when they re-enter the quiz (after having closed the browser window) to continue their attempt, sometimes a few hours later or the next day.  The quiz is supposed to allow users to re-enter and resume their attempt at any time but it's doesn't appear to be doing this for some users.

We are finding it difficult to pinpoint where the issue lies or in which circumstances this scenario occurs. We have tested the quiz in Scorm Cloud and it works as it should so we believe the issue may lie in moodle or with something the users are doing.

In order to protect our IP, is there a place where we can provide our storyline file and the moodle settings we have applied for the SCORM package?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Fernando. You came to the right place for help!

Have you tried testing the course in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud? The outcome there will tell us if the issue is mostly related to Storyline or Moodle's output. 

If you'd like a hand with testing, you can share your LMS package with us by using this private upload link. We'll give it a test, and will delete the file when we determine next steps.

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