Articulate Community Roadshows in 2014

Dec 03, 2013

Just wanted to share that we’re looking at doing some Articulate Community Roadshows in 2014.  We hope to make it a fun, practical, hands-on type extension of our online community. We’re picturing a two-day event with two tracks each day that would include a range of topics around general elearning, visual design, interactivity and of course some sessions specifically related to the Articulate tools.

Although nothing has been finalized yet, here are some tentative locations and time frames.

[ UPDATED DATES & CITIES 6/9/14  - Visit each link for details ]

We’re looking for your feedback. What topics are you most interested in? Is there anyone you would like to see present? Would you like to be a presenter yourself? Any other feedback or suggestions?

I look forward to your responses and hope to see you there!

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Kimberly Valliere

I'm excited this could be a reality and saddened that my potential travel budget for 2014 will be exhausted attending ASTD's TechKnowledge in January, THOUGH, I could probably BEG my way to the Austin roadshow or push for Atlanta since it is further away. Heck, if the price was manageable, I'd pay for it myself.

And I also agree with the "roadshow" concept. For many of us, we're already sold. We bought in hook, line and sinker...and tell anyone who will listen about the product; however, I'd like to learn more advanced techniques at something like a "user conference."

David Anderson

Thinking about topics, are there any that you guys feel are essential and must be included in the lineup? 

What about speakers?

When we hosted Articulate Live '09, we had presenters like Cliff Atkinson, Cathy Moore, Ray Jimenez, and Patti Shank host amazing sessions. Our MVPs were a huge part of the event and led hands-on sessions.

So the sky's the limit... for now, at least. Who would you like to see at the roadshows?

Tom Kuhlmann

Just a few additional details:

  • We'll have some other events in Canada (probably Vancouver and on the east side)
  • Also going to do something in Europe/UK
  • Since we're just getting started, we may limit the events to four US events until we work out the kinks. One of my goals is to keep the events budget-friendly so cities with better transportation access works. We could drop Seattle (although I am quite fond of the city) for Denver. The dates/locations are tentative, but I wanted to get some feedback and what works best.
  • We'll still do some of the regional ASTD workshops like we do currently, but with the roadshow we can make them more hands-on and practical than with the ASTD-type events that cater to a broader audience.

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