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Dec 05, 2012

Hey there! I have finally updated my site that was created in Studio '09 a couple years ago to what is there today created in Storyline. This site itself demonstrates interactivity that could easily be applied to elearning modules.



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Pete K

Stephanie Harnett said:

Hi Judith. Than you for that fantastic feedback! I really appreciate your comment and suggestions - all very good to hear. I have made some adjustments to the site based on your feedback and will re-publish it today. A couple of the issues I do have some comments on as follows:

1. Sometimes the abrupt behavior is caused by caching (or lack thereof). I've tried to make each scene as smooth as possible by eliminating transitions and unnecessary animations, but still, there are hiccups that seem to happen like that and I'm thinking it's a chacing/bandwidth issue of some form.

2. The "movies" in the method section were lifted from an earlier PowerPoint/Studio version of the web site. I didn't have time to recreate those animations so I exported them out as movies and brought them into Storyline. The stick figures can be downloaded for free from the downloads section of the Articulate forums site. I did adjust the site so that when you return to one of the sections (Strategy, content, etc.) it restarts the slide from the beginning. The replaying the last bit at the end upon returning appears to be a bug.

3. I did plan for someone to return once they've explored all areas hence the message indicating you've done so, however, I can't replicate the issue that you mentioned about only the one book displaying. Which browser are you using?

Thanks again for the detailed feedback. I very much appreciate the time you spent doing that.



I am REALLY impressed by your site Stephanie.  Well done!! One issue I had when I entered the Desktop version is that there was no way to close the resume section under About Me (though it works for the tablet version). Before it came up as a pdf, I saw the red close button but then it disappeared behind the document. This may have to do with the fact that you can't place a flash object on top of an embedded web object in Articulate. You may want to place it outside the frame of the pdf.

Also, how did you get the cool effect background feature to work? I would be interested in replicating this.

Helena Froyton

Hi Stephanie,

I really like your web site.  It is very nicely done!  I am very impressed.  Two questions...How did you get the lady to walk across the screen to let us know which file to choose from?  Also, regarding the videos you show as samples of your portfolio, are these actually screenr videos that you decide which section you want to show the user?

Good Job!



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