Course created in presenter not marking complete on lms

Hi all,


A former colleague designed a course on presenter that worked fine in old lms.With new lms, this doent mark complete (we have a hosted lms, moodle based).The lms specialist said this course is  showing users as having failed the SCORM, but is still not communicating to the LMS that the SCORM has been completed. This may be the result of the Reporting & Tracking options set in the SCORM package when published from Articulate. Specifically, the option for "Completed / Failed" may have been selected, which would account for why users can fail the package, but not get a completion.

I'm not sue how to go about this.This course worked fine in the previous lms so i don't think the issue is reporting & tracking settings.Unfortunately i don't have the pptx file to republish and verify this.All i have is the scorm zip file which worked fine on the old lms.

Any ideas, solutions to this issue are very much appreciated.


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Minh-Triet Nguyen

You might be able to salvage it by changing the data/presentation.xml file.  If you open that file in a text editor, you should see the LMS criteria towards the top: (just realized tags are stripped out in this message, so attaching as images)

Try changing the %lt;pass> value from completed to passed.  I haven't actually tried this so it's more of a shot in the dark, but it might save you time if it works.