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Adebare Showemmo

Thanks Tim,

                  Yes I know of Learning Solutions Conference in March I cant attend. I am looking for another major E-Learning Conference in Summer between September and November or an e-learning company or institution that can allow me to join their team during this period in USA for annual Academic and Sabbatical Leave. 


Adebare Showemmo


            If that is the only alternative left. I will not mind hanging around with Super Hero like you. What are the e-learning conferences in Europe this summer, or is there a possibility of having my Academic and Sabbatical Leave in an e-learning focus firm or faculty? I will really appreciate your suggestions. 


Adebare Showemmo


Articulate User's Conference will be great! I will be looking forward to  the schedule for this conference. It will be great if you can integrate a pre-conference course to the program. More importantly like an Articulate Certified User Course Certification or Articulate Professional Certification.


Tom Kuhlmann

Bryan Naas said

Tom - any opinions on mLearnCon in San Jose this June?

I've been to mLearn twice. It's still small scale. I'd put money $$$ in a different event like Devlearn or Learning Solutions. More people and better sessions. Of course, as mobile becomes more mainstream mLearn will become a better event.