How long is too long?

I'm curious to know if there is a number of SL slides that is considered too many?  When designing a weekly unit using SL, would you limit the number of slides that you might use?

Maybe another question, is there some metric that states that the average amount of time spent on a single slide is...  I'm either being really anal...or possibly lazy!  I don't want to do more work than I have to ;). 


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Tony, I noticed that nobody has answered your question so I will give it a go. The number of slides or the length of time a person spends on a single slide are not valid metrics for determining if a course is too long. 

Many moons ago, Phil Mayor built an interactive periodic table in Storyline 1 that consisted of one slide. That single slide included over 7000 triggers, over 100 layers, 120 YouTube videos and 140 Web Objects. Another designer might have taken the same content and spread it over multiple slides.  I guess the point I am trying to make is that the design approach you take will dictate the number of slides you end up using. The goal when doing your design is to create what you need to cover the objectives for the course. If you  winnow away all the extraneous content, your course will be the right length regardless of how many slides you use.