Issue with Marker States in Storyline 360

Oct 24, 2018

Hi Heroes, 

I was helping a colleague debug an issue with some markers in a course she's working on. 

I have seen a few threads about marker states but nothing recent that correlates.  Rather than re-opening an old thread, I thought I'd create a new one. 

So here's the situation:

  • The slide has a few markers that we're judging the visited state on to enable to NEXT button. 
  • The markers she had are on a layer and had a custom created Visited state so visually the learner is able to tell they've already visited the marker. 
  • The slide layer and the slide itself have the retain saved state setting when revisiting.
  • After navigating away from the slide and back to it (Next --> Prev), the visited states are displayed, but we cannot see the content for the marker.

I tried to delete the custom Visited state, and test, but the built-in visited state also does not re-display the content of the marker on hover or click.

I added a new Visisted state, and same thing. 

I added a new marker, and same thing.


Any ideas on what's happening?  Is this a bug? 




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Brent Nightingale

Hi Julie. I didn't find a solution. Had to use a work around (use the marker as a hot spot only to trigger opening a layer that would display the contents - which actually worked out better as it gave me more flexibility on where to place the content). It seems that markers on layers don't play well together (when navigating back to a slide that has been visited) - caveat on this, I haven't updated 360 to the latest version :-)

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