Issue with Marker States in Storyline 360

Hi Heroes, 

I was helping a colleague debug an issue with some markers in a course she's working on. 

I have seen a few threads about marker states but nothing recent that correlates.  Rather than re-opening an old thread, I thought I'd create a new one. 

So here's the situation:

  • The slide has a few markers that we're judging the visited state on to enable to NEXT button. 
  • The markers she had are on a layer and had a custom created Visited state so visually the learner is able to tell they've already visited the marker. 
  • The slide layer and the slide itself have the retain saved state setting when revisiting.
  • After navigating away from the slide and back to it (Next --> Prev), the visited states are displayed, but we cannot see the content for the marker.

I tried to delete the custom Visited state, and test, but the built-in visited state also does not re-display the content of the marker on hover or click.

I added a new Visisted state, and same thing. 

I added a new marker, and same thing.


Any ideas on what's happening?  Is this a bug? 




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