LMS with wordpress site

Jan 11, 2015

I have developed a couple of courses using Storyline for a company who wish to add these on their wordpress site. They have a membership functionality on their site and want to track whether a registered user has completed the course or not.

Currently they are using LearnDash LMS plugin but the downside is the user has to Mark the course as complete in order to track the progress.If the user forgots to flag, there is no way his progress can be tracked.

1. Is there a way to mark the course as complete and track the user progress automatically using LearnDash plugin? Have anybody tried using javascript to auto submit the Mark Complete button through a javascript trigger on the last slide of the course?

2. If not an LMS plugin, is it possible to use an actual LMS with a wordpress site? How will the company track the user progress from the LMS? Which LMS is better if this can be done?

Any help is appreciated.



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