Jul 03, 2012

Hi, I have inserted the company logo (Transparent PNG file - tested in other apps to ensure transparency is in the image) in the Presentation Options under the Logos tab. This renders in the final output as an opaque white background. The logo standsout and I need the transparency to 'dull' it down a bit and let the player colour shine through. Any ideas how to manipulate this?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Nicolette - transparency on a png is supported in the logo panel, so this should work. Below is a quick test of a logo image with a transparent part (the rectangle on the truck is transparent, allowing the blue color of the player's sidebar to show thorugh). If you're seeing different behavior, want to submit it as a support case so we can check it out?

James Brown


Jeanette's clipart example is what I would consider a GIF that is saved with transparent background but if you are using an actual image then you will want to use a PNG with a transparent background. When in doubt do a Google Search for the appropriate format. I'm suggesting the two formats based on graphic design courses I have taken in the past and from web design books I have read.

Hope that helps,


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Nicolette, you can control the color behind the logo panel by editing your player colors and choosing the parameter called "Sidebar background." You can get all the gory details about the available color parameters here. Also, that logo in the example above is a png with a transparent part applied to the rectangle in the middle of the truck. 

Jeffrey Dalto

I'm having a similar or related problem myself.

I have an OLD logo that was once added via Presentation Options/Logos.

I want to change that and replace it with a NEW logo.

I have gone to Presentation Options/Logos and I have deleted the old logo. I then added the new logo, selected it, clicked the Make Default button, and clicked OK.

I then tested this by saving the Presentation and previewing a screen to so what I see in the pane on the left where the logo and outline appears. It still shows the OLD logo. Any tips? Am I overlooking something obvious? Any help would be appreciated.

Jeffrey Dalto

OK, fantastic.

Once I published it, I was then able to preview it and the logo was correct.

Strangely, even though I had removed the old logo and set the new logo as default, during the publish process it continued to show the old logo (you were right, I had to change that during the publish process).

Is this what one might consider a small bug (it seems counter-intuitive, at least), or is there a benefit to having it work this way?

Regardless, thanks for the help. I can now move on with my day. That one had me stymied for a while

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Jeffrey,

Presenter always remembers whatever settings you previously used when you published. When you republish, you have an opportunity to choose different settings (because you can select different options on the Publish window)... I think that's why you were seeing the "old" logo when you previewed, but when you published and switched to the new logo, the course appeared as expected.

Another way to re-set your logo (or other settings) is like this: when you do a Preview, there will be some buttons at the top of the Preview window. Click the button that says Player Template, and then choose a different logo (or different presenter, or different template) and click OK. Then the preview will redraw with your new choices displayed.

Hope that helps!

Harini Bala

I have inserted a png format logo into my Articulate Storyline template. The image has 100% transparent background. But the translucency is not present and i get a white BG when i insert this png format logo. How do I get a transparent logo BG in Articulate storyline?

Answer: I think i found the answer - I jus t had to change the logo BG color to blend with the player BG.

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