Looking for open-source free LMS, preferably online

Hello articulate community,

We currently do not have an LMS to record assessment and evaluation results, nor track participant progress. Our aim is to build a business case for our business to invest in one, but in the meantime I was hoping to use a free open source LMS to assist in building this case by providing working demonstrations of the benefits. Prerferably one that is online/

Can anyone assist with some reccomendations? Please ask if you need more info from me.


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Deepak G

I think Moodle should be perfect for you. It is easy to install and can be easily customized, with all the necessary features.

There's another thing which I came across. It's called QuoDeck. It's not exactly an LMS, but works in some cases.

It is a game-based presentation creator, which allows you to use games in your courses. One can share it will selected users, track now of users and all. It works in case of freelance trainers who can track their training for free.

John roberts

Hello Damian,

I will suggest you, use Beetsol, which is a fully featured SCORM-compliant LMS that provides the infrastructure for enterprise training and management needs also it has a very nice user-interface design for your admin and users.
It is the best LMS which easily allows you to build courses, import SCORM content, deploy online learning, manage users, communicate with users, track training results, and more.




I am agreeing with all the peoples, those recommended Moodle LMS for e-Learning. Nowadays it got evolutionary scope for students or learners. Then the question arises who is providing the best free Moodle LMS, make it live. And enhances the visibility of your online courses or training.

My research says that the best LMS provider options are DomainRacer, LearnDash and Thinkable. DomainRacer Tutor LMS specializes in offering the best solutions for enrolling students, creating reports, attachments, certification generation, participation, installation and many more.

Moreover, they offer easy to use interface for your students or users. So Design Moodle according to your customization. And gives the shape to it as you want.