move shape by variable length

Apr 01, 2022

Is there a way to position and/or move a shape by a variable length.

I know the slider trick.  However I want to have text as part of the shape, and pictures do not render well enough for the text to be legible at any resolution.

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Thaddeus Ashcliffe

The other similar approach is to:

Move Object along Motion path X
when Numeric_Entry changes

Then have a number of

Move Object X+ {1.2.3...) along Motion Path X+ {1.2.3...)
when Motion Path X+ {1.2.3...)-1 completes
If Numeric_entry >/= X+ {1.2.3...)

This will work but it is labor intensive and fragile. 

Math Notermans

Suppose you have a Storyline variable distance... and a variable duration...
This code then gets those vars and acts appropriately...

let player = GetPlayer();
let myDistance = player.GetVar("distance");
let myDuration = player.GetVar("duration");
let myShape = document.querySelector("[data-acc-text='someShape']");, { duration:myDuration, x:"+="+myDistance});