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Jun 19, 2019

For the newest challenge #237, I've created a concept of an interactive map - menu, where you can fly freely and choose the topic. Use the arrows to move the spaceship. This is one screen example to show the idea of navigation. You can move the space ship but there is no option to start the topic or test :)

Project in action:

If you are interested in seeing behind the scene of this project, you can download the source file for the 'developer mode'. 

Developer mode in action:

Please note that these images are under copyrights so you can't use them in your project. If there are any questions, I would be happy to answer.



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Matt Johnson

Hi. This very similar to something one of my clients wants to create. However, in my scenario, the customer wants to be able to select the object and move it around (as you show here) but leave a trail. Then, when the object gets to its destination, the trail remains. Can this type of interactivity be done in Storyline? (I'm new to Storyline, and I've just discovered this).

Joanne Chen

Radosław, this is awesome! You are genius! What's the trick to freeze movement of the forklift while it is next to a box at the end of path? Do you use T/F variables and the intersect triggers? I try to recreate this game but stuck on getting a proper control of freezeing/unfreezeing the forklift movements when it moved next to a unmovable box.

Kyle Main

This was really great and something I was just storyboarding without thinking about how I would go about creating it.  I was going to use arrow keys too.  I was going to try Unity or Phaser which I discovered as options at DevLearn this year.

I first tried it on my iPhone though and realized that it's not mobile-friendly - it showed up fine visually but I did not have any controls.

Any Idea on how to make a course map like this become mobile interactive?

Also, When the space ship hit topic 1 - I hit enter and spacebar to try to see if any generic item pulled up, which, in a real course would be the lesson content.

How would you go about having the user access that spot?  just when they bump into it? I was thinking someone might bump into it by accident and I'd like a space ship to go there and then they hit enter, or tap on the phone.  But obviously I wouldn't want the enter key or clicking or taping to work unless the space ship was in that location.  

How can you have a trigger that tells a user where an item is located in the x y space?


Thanks for any ideas on these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Andrzej Jabłoński

Hi Kyle, thanks for your feedback!

When it comes to the mobile navigation, I think the easiest thing would be to add some arrows\buttons on screen and use them to move the spaceship. You can consider adding a button to show\hide them.

In SL360 you can find an object trigger based on intersection; 'Object intersects' and 'Object intersection ends'. You can use this to detect if the spaceship is in the right spot and set T\F variable. Then add condition the the specific trigger based on that variable. 

Hope this helps :)

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