NEED to add Banner to Presenter

I have researched and researched... now I am asking!  I have posted this to Presenter and Engage forum as well...Help!

I have a client that needs an Unclassified banner (strip of text box at bottom of slide colored green with UNCLASS centered) as well as the classification label (UNCLASS) at the TOP of each page... - clearly, this is a Master on PPT, which I know how to do and can do very effectively..... but what about those Engage items? I need that flawless look and feel, so it needs to be consistent...

Iwould prefer it be on the Presenter template so that it is consistently visible... any ideas out there? a change to xml files?  Can it be done in Studio???  This carries over to more important projects where I need this banner to change to other classifications... and I know that many gov projects often require this, so I am hoping that someone, much smarter than I, has figured this out..... anyone out there with this same situation? Forever grateful!

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