Problem: Layers from icons/buttons

Hello, I have set up the attached file to have icons lead to more information on layers. However, when I previewed the slide after putting triggers on the icons, clicking on the icon did not take you to the layer. So I added shapes as buttons to the icons, and set the triggers on the shapes. Not only does it not take you to the layers, but if you click on the Iceland icon (or button) the upper 2/3 of the base slide disappears. The icons are from the AS Content library. 

Thanks for your help. The file is attached. The 'Fun Facts' slide is the problem slide. 

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David Anderson

Hi Colleen -

I heard back from our team. Evidently this is an issue with how some of the icons were built. The current workaround is to save the icon as an image and import it into Storyline. The problem only occurs when select icons are on the base layer and slide layers are hiding base layer objects. 

The "hotspot" looking timeline icon is actually the freeform shape icon. The reason they appear different in your timeline is that one icon is a single freeform shape and the other is a group of freeform shapes. 

Unfortunately, the icons (along with all vector objects) aren't currently added to the Media Library. 

Katie Riggio

Great news, Colleen!

Update 36 for Storyline 360 is live: This release includes a fix for the issue where layers appeared blank when the base layer had certain icons from Content Library 360 or SVG images from PowerPoint.

To see all the enhancements this version has to offer, follow these steps to update your software. Let us know what you think!