Question freezing when taking course on LMS

Oct 04, 2017

Dear community,

I have a question I am hoping you can answer.  I have a correct slide in my storyline. It previews fine when I watch it on my computer in entire project. I am working on my own computer and NOT a network.  I publish it to my LMS.  Then when taking the course, this one questions sticks and indicates I didn't answer the question.  When the LMS logs into me, they can click an answer and submit just fine, proofing the question works. 

WHAT IN THE HECK could be the problem.  I have tried remaking the project by starting again. I have check all the triggers. It seems only happening on this one slide and when I or students are doing on the LMS. 

Pondering and seeking advice,


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Tamarah. Ugh. That situation sounds super-frustrating! Since this is happening in the LMS environment, but not locally, I would suggest uploading your project to SCORM Cloud—the industry standard LMS testing environment—to see if this behavior is happening there as well. This article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS goes into all the details, step by step. If you're unable to replicate this issue on SCORM Cloud, then you'll know it's an issue with your LMS and you can reach out to your LMS vendor for help. And if you're able to recreate that behavior on SCORM Cloud, that might point to a problem with your .story project file. If that's the case, please reach out to us so our support team can lend a hand. 

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