Result Slide Issue: Reporting to LMS with Role-Based Tests (that are not related)


I designed an all-in-one role-based Compliance Course where the user has to choose their role and take the appropriate test. Each user only needs to take one test (out of the 5 tests available). 

My problem is with the Results Slide as their is only one slide that can be used to send to the LMS. How or what variables can I use on the final results slide to allow the user to pass so long as they passed their test (based on their role)  with an 80% ?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Virginia,

Currently, the only way to make this work is to set the score on the cumulative results slide to be low enough that people can pass even though they've only taken one of the quizzes. That's what I've done in this example. We do have a feature request logged for the ability to pull the score from the specific quiz that the learner took, so I'll go ahead and add your voice to that request.

I hope that helps in the meantime!