Sarah Hodge's Articulate Webinar on Animated Gifs

I really enjoyed Sarah Hodge's animation webinar.  One of the things she talked about was adding the Storyline 360 content as a Storyline block in Rise.  With all of the issues with autoplay, I have had tons of problems making a Storyline block look good on mobile.  I want a seamless experience, but it is not helpful when a black box with a play button is shown instead of the interaction we built.  How can this be avoided so that we get a seamless look?

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Sarah Hodge

Hey Anthony! I hear you. Storyline content will not autoplay on mobile devices because of media autoplay restrictions in mobile browsers. I remember seeing a post where you suggested a poster frame as an alternative. I love the idea! I’ll share that with my team to see if that’s a possibility. I know they continuously work hard at making Rise a seamless experience for everyone, so your feedback is super appreciated.  

Anthony Goss

Thanks, Sarah!  My issue has nothing to do with autoplay.  I am fine with the learner having to initiate this on a mobile device.  I just don't understand why it has to be the ugly black box with a play button.  Why can't it be the image of the slide with a semi-transparent overlay with a play button, similar to what we see for video.  Most other authoring tools do it this way except for Articulate.  Since the player is part of the frame of the course, it should be able to be styled just like a video player with a poster frame and a play button.  This would create a seamless experience both in RIse and if a course is embedded in an iFrame on a webpage.