Start a test, save current results, return later to complete?

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Professional LMS solutions don't offer testing where the user can pause a started test, save current results and return hours later (or even the next day) to resume testing, correct?  Do you confirm?


Is anyone familiar with an LMS (with testing features) that allows the user to begin the test, answer some of the questions, pause or even close-out, save current results and start up again where they left off hours later or even the next day?  I thought I would bounce this off of you to confirm that this wouldn't even make "sense"   Have you ever started any kind of a test with the ability to stop, save results and resume later on?  I was approached with this question the other day and said, "no, of course not".  Comments?  Danke schön!  Cheers, Jason

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Francesca Pellacani

Hi Jason, 

Forma Lms (a corporate-oriented open source Lms, born as a fork of the Docebo Community Edition Lms) has exactly that kind of feature. 

In the test properties you can select the option of letting users save their current results and start again where they left off the next time they access the test. You can find it here, 

Concerning whether it makes sense or not, my answer is the all-too-classical "it depends". Although I don't particularly like to offer this option, it might make sense to use it for very long tests.