Storyline multiple drag objects and multiple target areas

Dec 20, 2012

After the first Articulate user group gathering in The Netherlands, I had to come up with a solution for a customer where multiple drag objects dropped on more than one target area was going to result in a correct answer.

Since the customer information is confidential, I build a similar drag & drop question, inspired by the holiday season.

Watch how I did it. On slide 2 and 3 there is an explanation. Under the resources tab you can download the file and study the details.

Click here or on the picture to see the animation.

Click here to see the screenr.

The file is also attached to this post for your evaluation.

Let me know your suggestions. Have a great holiday season.


Wim Timmerman

ps: in addition I have created an alternative scenario, where the dropped items are evaluated all the time. See my screenr for more info:

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Wim Timmerman

A variable is set to TRUE when the drag item is dropped correctly on the target area.

If the learner changes it to an incorrect state before hitting the submit button, the result will still be correct since the variable stays to TRUE.

Thomas Hollaender from Denmark triggered this scenario for me. Since it might be unlikely for a user to change to the incorrect state afterwards, it still can happen and therefore I developed other triggers, where the system test the state of the dropped item every time it the drag item has beeen (re)dropped.

Watch the screenr for the explanation:

Li-An Brown

I wonder if anyone can help with an issue I'm having using Wim's great solution?!

I have set up a freeform interaction in a similar way, where the drag objects can have multiple correct drop targets (I have used hotspots). Each drop target is quite large and will have 2-4 drag objects in it when the user is finished. However, because the drop targets are not assigned in the form view but are made manually, I cannot make the drag objects "tile" on the hotspot. They are stacking on top of each other which makes it impossible for the user to see which objects they have put where.

Does anyone know a way around this? Thanks!

Atit Patel

This is Fantastic Wim. Appreciate your effort.

I am stuck with one thing, similar to Li-An, regarding the 'tile' option for dropped objects; How can this be achieved? I've set up my assessment and it's fully functional, but all the drop objects just go on top of each other. Everything else works seamlessly. 

Somehow it seems this is not possible!! Has anyone else faced this? Please share a workaround for this. Thanks! 

Abhijeet Mohite

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for sharing very good example. I am also trying similar type of interactivity but the problems I am facing are:

1. Object Overlapping - If user drop similar object or all objects on single/one drop area then this functionality is not working.

2. Drop object doesn't come to its original position - Actually when user drops the  second drop item on drop area that time already drop item should come out to its original position.

Other than these issues this functionality is good.

Please share your ideas to solve above two problems.


Bryce Gilbert

Hi Wendy. Sorry I was referring to the original Xmas tree example. I was following along with the PDF instructions that were provided. It's step 10 where it says to delete the 'Submit interaction Drag and Drop1' that is not working for me as I can't seem to delete it. I'm probably missing something really simple. I've attached story file. Thanks.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Hugh

that example was built in SL1 and the behaviour may be a little different.  The only way to remove that trigger in SL2 is to uncheck the submit button in the slide properties which would mean the user can't submit the interaction unless you have a custom 'submit button'

I am having a play now for you  - can you tell me what the correct answer is

Abhijeet Mohite

Hi Hugh,

If you want to delete 'Side Properties' trigger then you can try following steps:

1. Go to 'Insert' tab

2. Click on Remove Freeform' option

3. Now check into the trigger window, the 'Submit interaction Drag and Drop1' will not be visible

Hope this will work for you.