Storyline multiple drag objects and multiple target areas

Dec 20, 2012

After the first Articulate user group gathering in The Netherlands, I had to come up with a solution for a customer where multiple drag objects dropped on more than one target area was going to result in a correct answer.

Since the customer information is confidential, I build a similar drag & drop question, inspired by the holiday season.

Watch how I did it. On slide 2 and 3 there is an explanation. Under the resources tab you can download the file and study the details.

Click here or on the picture to see the animation.

Click here to see the screenr.

The file is also attached to this post for your evaluation.

Let me know your suggestions. Have a great holiday season.


Wim Timmerman

ps: in addition I have created an alternative scenario, where the dropped items are evaluated all the time. See my screenr for more info:

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Hugh

I'm not sure if the attached will work for you, I have changed the quiz type from drag and drop to pick one and it is behaving how I expected.  I find it easier to do this way.  Sorry I didn't have time to work right through the PDF steps supplied - I'll give that a go later but one issue I found with your drag and drop set up was your triggers

The object needs to be the drag object not the slide - so in your example you could try updating those and see if it works. 

Hope that helps for the moment

Charlotte Dona



Thanks a lot for this exemple that helped me a lot but I have the same problem than Abhijeet Mohite. May be can you help me ? 

Here is the message I just sent to the community  : 


Please can somebody help me with a problem on a drag and drop with multiple drop zone for one single object.

In fact, i already asked for help for this problem and kind persons tried to help me but they couldn’t find a solution because for now, Storyline 2 doesn’t allow it. I tried and tried again but can’t find a way to skirt this problem and my client insist to have this specific exercice. 

I explain again : To make this drag and drop with multiple target zone for one object, I worked with variables (true and false) as explained in this Screenr. It almost works well but I found a bug if I put the two same objects in a single drop zone , It should display the « wrong answer layer » but it doesn’t and displays the « correct answer ». How can I do to fix this bug ? May be some peoples know a way to fix it ? 

I enclose my .story file If you wanna have a look. In this exercice, my problem is that it displays correct answer layer when the 2 icones "agroalimentaire" are in the same area or when "Production d'électricité" are in the same area, and it shouldn't. 
Correct answer is : 1 icone "agroalimantaire", 1 icone "production d'éléctricité" and the icone "fabrication de matériel de transport" in the left zone and the 3 others in the right zone. I hope you understand what I mean... Thanks for your help