Tetris-Inspired Graphics and Animation in PPTX FREEBIE!

Hello eLearning Friends, 

I recently participated in ELH Challenge #120 and dropped a deck on gamification in SlideShare . However, I had also created a cool intro for the title that I think some of you might find useful.  Anyhow, here's the video and the FREEBIE pptx.  Enjoy! 


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Dave LeFevre

I was wondering why you chose to do it as separate slides instead of just using built-in PowerPoint animations? Seems like you could achieve the same thing without all the positioning and timing issues caused by multiple slides. See the attached for a super simple example of what I'm saying.

Alexander Salas


It's been a while, so I had to take a look at both again LOL


I tried your approach first, but my aim was to make it as authentic as possible mimicking the original game. Separating the slides as "frames" allowed me to create the side shift at the end of the fall of some pieces (watch the "As" again on my sample). Now, keep in mind that my own personal challenge was to build everything in PPT. 

Dave LeFevre

Yeah, I see how you slide some of them in to the left as they come down. You could do that, of course, with motion paths, etc., but that does add to the complexity of using built-in animations. I hadn't noticed that this was first posted two years ago until you mentioned it! I jumped here because it was referenced in an email that Articulate just sent out, so that's interesting. It is a very fun effect and basically uses 'old time' frame-by-frame animation to get the result you want, which is very cool. Small nit: I did notice that some of the blocks are 'upside down' or 'sideways,' at least in terms of the shadows (such as the light green "I," the yellow bar across the "T," and the last three letters. And some of the blocks overlap and don't align. (Showing my inner-OCD here.) But very nice work and definitely generated some good ideas that I can use in future courses. Thanks!