Vancouver User Group

We've had a couple of meetings and I'm the keeper of the emails and lists, but would rather use a collaborative space. If you want to be part of our group, you can reply to this thread (or email me directly if you want: holly at sparkandco dot ca).

A group of us met this week and we shared some resources that I'd like to put up here.

I've proposed that we meet again the week of July 20th. 


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Lynn O'Reilly

Hi everyone,

We've got a classroom (C550) booked at Robson Square for the 25th. This classroom is a bit hard to find, so here are some general directions:

  1. from the bottom of the main stairway, walk down the hallway on the right to the very end
  2. turn left and continue about halfway down (the Mac lab is on your right)
  3. then turn left again at the next hallway; the classroom is straight ahead

If you find yourself walking in circles, text/call me at 604-220-0409.

I'll set up a webinar space (we use Blackboard Collaborate) and send out a link the day before. (Gemma, there's lots of space, though, so come on down!).

See you next Wednesday.


Lynn O'Reilly

Hi all,

Sorry about the delay re: the virtual access. I've set up a session in Collaborate Ultra. Here's the link:

When you log on, you will be set as a presenter, so if you want to share one of your projects with us, send me a message through the chat feature on Ultra and we will tee you up. 

We don't have a fancy system to use tonight, and so whoever is with us in person and will be sharing their project, we will need to add them as an Ultra presenter as well, so that they can share their screen and we will all be able to view it both through the projector and on screen.

Because of that, I would like to ask anyone who is planning to share if they could bring their file on a flash drive (if it is not web-based) so that we don't have to change the projector cable each time. 

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you tonight.


Gemma Greenwood

Hi everyone,

Was great to meet you all last night! Thanks again for organising.

At the end I asked if Articulate 360 is available to Mac's and I just heard back from Articulate Support (I had asked them before I asked the group last night) and they just got back to me saying:

"Yes - Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later"

So I guess it is available to Mac's?? Just thought I would let you know.