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May 07, 2015

We've had a couple of meetings and I'm the keeper of the emails and lists, but would rather use a collaborative space. If you want to be part of our group, you can reply to this thread (or email me directly if you want: holly at sparkandco dot ca).

A group of us met this week and we shared some resources that I'd like to put up here.

I've proposed that we meet again the week of July 20th. 


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William Johnston

Here is my attempt building a spotlight slide based on the instructions Holly found, ( plus some guesswork on my part.  You'll see tips on the slide as well.  It would be great if anyone else could add their insights too.

Holly MacDonald

Hi all - we'll meet at UBC Robson Square again, room C440 on Tuesday, February 26th, from 5:30 - 7:00. This classroom is on the Classroom level of Robson Square. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs and then a right turn down the first hallway. This classroom is halfway down that hallway.

A theme? Hmmmm, why don't we do something on branching scenarios? You could do something in Storyline, Rise or use another tool and use it with an Articulate product (Twine, Branchtrack, etc). Bring samples, examples, challenges, questions and ideas and let's see how we can help one another.

Of course, if you have something else to show/ask/brainstorm, I'm sure we can find time for that too. 

Looking forward to catching up with everyone again.

Janis Fair

I would love to attend remotely as well if possible.

Janis Fair | Online and Technology Coordinator - Language College - LINC
501 - 333 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1
T: 604-356-3571 | F: 604-684-2266 |

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[ISSofBC, Helping immigrants build a future in Canada]

Lynn O'Reilly

Hi Everyone, 
As Holly noted, our next meeting will be on Wednesday Feb. 27th at Robson Square. Signage will say "E-Heroes Meetup" and the room will be C150 (classroom level, down the stairs from the main entrance and head left to the Sauder Executive Education suite of rooms).

Please send a quick reply if you are planning on being here in person so that I can make sure we have enough seats for everyone.

Unfortunately, we don't have the proper set up to telecast this meeting, but I will work on a set up over the next few days and get back to you with some information. At the very least, we will likely be able to hook up an audio feed, but we're pretty limited on video at this point. If anyone has any particular knowledge/ability in this area and you could help with ideas, please send me a note ( with some suggestions and I'll see what we can arrange. (I do have an external mic that I can hook up.)

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