What's the BEST elearning advice you ever received?

Nov 20, 2014

Elearning Advice

Hey gang –  If you’ve got a quick sec, can you share your favorite e-learning tip or advice you've ever received? 

I'm at a workshop this week and we're discussing career tips and advice. I'm also asking participants to jump into this thread to post what they shared in today's workshop.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

  • Change is always coming
  • Don't listen to the experts
  • Learn to use your tools

If you share your wisdom on Twitter, would you use #AGDN14? Thanks! 

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Jan Vilbrandt

One well designed picture / info-graphic is saying more than many pages of plain text.

Many rules for a good presentation will fit when it comes to elearning.

Safe a learner's life by removing unnecessary content. Ask yourself again an again: is this part content important for the lerner or for one woman or one man who wants to have built this elearning course?

"Kill your darlings": sometimes you have got a very good, a very nice idea you want to include into your next course. Do not try to include it with a crowbar ;-) If it does not fit seemlessly it will not fit at all... so forget it - even if it is hard for you.

John Wagner

Probably the best e-learning advice I've received is from right here within the Articulate community! Clergy have a tendency to be late comers when it comes to technology and teaching. That's a real problem since that is our bread and butter. I am really trying to pass on what I've learned in this community to others in my field to spark real learning that goes beyond boring audiences with lots of words.

But the best advice I've gotten is to learn the power of PowerPoint and use it to it's full potential, instead of killing audiences with bullets.

Kevin Thorn

I've heard and received many great tips and advice over the years. Some unwanted, but needed.

Some of my favorites:

  • Build it right the first time or plan on building it again.
  • There are two parts to designing elearning: Instructional Design and Visual Design. Prototype both.
  • You're not just building a course; you're building an experience.

My all time fav is: "Design without a Next button."

Fiona Biedermann

I like that one Tristan - A good boss will also insist that you provide solutions and not just problems. Things I've learnt;

  • Proof read, test it and then proof read it again and then get someone else to do it. Nothing puts a learner off more than errors in content or triggers which don't work.
  • Never assume you know it all, involve your stakeholders from the beginning.
  • Enjoy the process of bring it all together, it will always show in the end result.
Cary Glenn

I used to be a professional artist-blacksmith. My rule for ironwork was "ugly lasts forever". Every piece I sent out I had to be proud of. Of course over time my standards got higher and things I let through at the beginning of my career I was embarrassed to see later. The same can be said for eLearning projects. If you are not proud of your work, change it.

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