Peek is malfunctioning

May 01, 2023

I am running Peek from my desktop. So far I have really had a lot of problems getting it to work correctly. For starters, the command window is mostly off the screen and I can't move it to where I can see it. Also, it keeps losing connection to its folder and won't open. I have reinstalled it several times, disconnected my monitors, restarted my computer, forced quit from Task Manager, and finally got the folder to connect but the window is still mostly off. 1. What is causing the folder to disconnect? 2. Why is the command window partly off the screen? Below is a screenshot of my 2 monitors with the partial command window. It shows like this every time, except when I have a third monitor, it only shows the other part.

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Michelle McCrory

Aaaaannd it has stopped responding - will not open at all when I click the Open button. Yes I have tried reinstalling; stopping it through Task Manager and restarting: deleting the Peek folder and reinstalling; deleting the Peek folder, uninstalling, restarting computer, reinstalling. Still won't open.