Delete previous versions in Articulate Review?

Jan 22, 2018

Hi there

I noticed some weeks I have put up multiple versions of my storyline file to articulate review, I thought I would de-clutter the drop down list, but doesn't look like I can delete old versions?  Is that true?  Or have I just missed how to do it?

I don't want to lose all the comments, so I don't want to delete and upload new, it is important to update new version of existing to keep the comments....




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Suzanne Ensmann

So, here's another question which I believe is similar but haven't seen it addressed yet. I've gotten lost regarding the process between creating a Review view and a final published view which I believe is the Preview view. 

Once I create the Review view, how do I go back to the Published view to use as my final product?

My student has Review products in her Articulate account but she does not have those same products in her Rise section and she doesn't have any options to get it out of the Review and move it to production in a sense. Please assist. Thank you!

Jessica Kellerman

Good morning Suzanne. 

This is quite a different situation. We're referring to versions specifically in Review (linked to Storyline, Rise and other Articulate products), rather than working between Review and Publish. 

If I'm understanding your question correctly, the short answer is one doesn't move a file from Review to published in the way you describe. Once shared on Review, the review link is separate from your Rise course link where you built the course (different from the 'Preview' option you have while building). To edit/publish your file you need to go back to Rise. If you need your student to make changes to the file, you need to add her as a collaborator from the 'Share' tab (just left of Review). The Rise item will the show up on her side.

Hope this helps!


Becca Levan

Thank you everyone for taking the time to advocate for this feature! We are continuing to update our feature request report to include everyone’s comments.

The feature to delete versions in Review 360 hasn’t been added to our feature roadmap yet as we are currently prioritizing other feature requests. If our team decides to reroute, we’ll be sure to return to this discussion with an update.

Here's some insight on how we approach feature requests.
K Smith

Agree, I don't want to have to send out new links to people. I just want to update to a new version and have that as the only thing people see. I don't want old versions lurking there for people to look at and query. Old versions could have a delete button, or a hide/disable button in the same way as we can disable comments. Thank you.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, everyone!

You can now hide and unhide versions of your project in Review 360 and change which one will be the current version. The following sections of this article will give you additional information:

Barbara Yalof

Fantastic- we asked and you answered!

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K Smith

Thank you Maria,
This will be very helpful in my work.
Best wishes

Kay Smith
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