Disallow forwarding of review links?

Sep 20, 2023

Hi - got a question for y'all. I want to share my Review360 course with a group of SMEs who like to forward the link hither and thither to a number of additional reviewers. I'd like to be able to control that if possible and stick to my original SMEs. I could have sworn that at one point there was an option to disallow forwarding, the way you can prevent forwarding Outlook meetings (see screenshot).

But as I'm poking around now, it looks like the best way is to create a Team folder and only allow access to my original reviewers. I could password-protect the content, but that wouldn't prevent sharing the password along with the link. Is that correct?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Marrit, 

Thanks for reaching out!

Review 360 published courses are designed to be accessible by anyone who has a link and there isn't a way to regulate the sharing of these links aside from password protecting the content. 

Have you tried using the new 'Request Review' feature so you basically send out your Review 360 links to only those who need to review your course? This won't prevent reviewers from sharing the course, but you could let others know that if they weren't invited to leave a review, that they shouldn't be viewing/sharing the links.