download storyline file from Review

Dec 23, 2019


Is there any way to download a file from Review after publishing it to Review?  I ask as I am working on a storyline 360 project, published to review for my team to review, and then my computer crashed.  Our IT was not able to recover any files from my computer.  So the training is in Review, but I don't know if I can get the file from there some how.  Is that possible? 

Thank you

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Kelly Auner

Hi Tamara, and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

I'm so sorry to hear that you can't find your file. That was a good call checking your temp files as Lauren suggested. I'm happy to help troubleshoot from here.

  • Is it possible it was saved under a different name?
  • Can you confirm if you were saving the course on your local hard drive? Working from a network drive can cause unexpected behavior or corrupt files.
    • By default, Storyline project files are saved in the folder: C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\My Articulate Projects\
      If you have saved your files from a different location, a good way would be to search your drive C: for all files having the .STORY extension.

You may also want to check the Recent folder and Recycle bin as an extra step. Additionally, this article includes tips to avoid file corruption and losing your project files.

I hope this helps! 

Holly Kidson

Just another +1 for the ability to download a file from Review 360 - our archives failed us and I'm scrambling to recreate the latest version of a project for our clients for an annual refresh.  This would be a life saver!!!  I'm going to try the .tmp tip shared above and see if that works, but my whole team would love this feature.  How can we get it to the top of the list?

Michael Marcos

Hi Holly, and everyone else!

Storyline just received a new update today which includes a new feature called Cloud Backup. This means that from this version onwards, any Storyline course you publish to Review can be backed up to the cloud. Pair this with the just recently released Team Folders feature and now you can easily share Storyline project files with your team. No need to upload to a third party vendor.

This also opens the door to be able to keep keep different versions of your course, and access them from anywhere with your Articulate 360 account. 

Read more about the feature here

Here's a guide on how to update Storyline to the latest and greatest for those who need it.