Importing 3rd Party SCORM Zips into Review 360

Mar 02, 2021


Is there a way to import a published SCORM zip into Review 360? I have a learning module from a 3rd party that I would like to imbed into a Rise 360 course that I'm building. I don't know what they used to build it and won't be able to get the source files. Is there a way to import the .zip into Review so that I can imbed it into Rise?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Training and Development!

Great question! We don't currently support embedding third-party SCORM zip folders into Review 360. One way to do this is to upload the zip folder to a web server or LMS so that you can take the URL to add to an embed block. 

I'm excited to see what other community members recommend! Please keep us updated on what works best for you.