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Erin Walker

Hi Brian, I noticed that when i change my settings it doesn't "save". I'll change it to hourly, and then when i leave the settings menu and go back it reverts to "instant delivery"

I have about 8 different projects under review, so you can image the amount of emails I receive. My current work around is creating a folder and filtering the emails, But it would be really nice to have use this feature :)

Brian Gil

Hi Erin,

I'm really sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this feature! We dug into it ourselves and can't seem to replicate what you're experiencing. Two things to try that'll help us figure this out:

  1. Can you let me know what browser you're using and whether you're on a Windows or Mac computer?
  2. Try again using a different browser, like maybe Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, and let us know if the same problem occurs.

Thanks! That'll help us a lot.


Oh, and per your earlier question, there isn't a way to include the original comment in the email currently but I'll share your feedback with the development team. Thanks for the input!

Anjali Panakkat

Hi Brian -

After I switched the notifications to hourly - I got a summarized email. So that's great. Thanks. But when I am replying to reviewers comments - why are they receiving an email with every reply of mine?

Isn't this notification setting both for the owner of the document as well as the reviewers? Please clarify. Thanks.


Ashley Kirstein

Thanks, Ashley! Any word on extending the notification settings feature to folks who don't have and won't sign up for an Articulate ID? (I know, they're missing out by not getting an Articulate ID, but let's be realistic--not everyone will bite that bullet, and it'd be great if they could still manage their notification settings without needing to sign up for an ID.) Thanks!

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