Review 360- Comments not appearing

Apr 18, 2022

My SME posted feedback in Review 360 on a Rise course.  The comments are not appearing under the review tab but do appear in the feedback section.  Some comments seem to be missing as well.

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Simon Blair

We just came across the same issue for a Storyline course.
What we're seeing is that comments on quiz bank questions only appear in the feedback tab. You can't see them when you review the project and land on the particular question.
In the feedback tab, they all show up as being in a scene called "Scene not found".

Simon Blair

Hi Andrea, there's no need to contact support. We figured out what happened.

The slides in question had been deleted and recreated between publishes. I'm assuming the comments are tied to slides via unique slide ID, so when the originals were deleted the associated comments became orphaned.

Curiously, I posted a reply about that here later the same day, but the comment seems to have disappeared.

Pam Lee

Help! How can I reset the red Feedback 'badge'? I had 8 comments and when I clicked on the post or image it reduced to 7. As I'm clicking to see what's been commented on it reduces even further. I hit resolve (probably shouldn't have), and the comment seemed to go away altogether. I'm down to one comment.  I just want to reset it back to where it was.

John Morgan

Hi Pam,

Great question! I understand you'd like to reset the badge next to Feedback to the original amount of comments. What you are experiencing is the intended behavior of feedback in Review 360. That badge shows the number of unread comments. The only way to have that badge keep showing the original amount of feedback is to not click on the comments. We don’t currently have the option to reset the badge or mark comments as unread, but that sounds like an interesting idea that I can share with our product team.

Thanks for reaching out!