Review 360 - Not all Comments export

Sep 30, 2020

Hello, I'm trying to export comments for a course in Review 360 however only comments from the first lesson are exporting. I've attached screenshots of the Feedback tab (partial) and the resulting csv export (full) to show the discrepancy. 

Feedback in Review.csv export from ReviewThis also happens when exporting to pdf. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sarah!

Thanks for sharing the screenshots! It sounds like you're seeing parts of the comments missing when exporting.

After exporting the comments in the CSV format, where does the file open? Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc.

Secondly, which browser are you using? Have you tried using a different browser and then exporting the comments to see if the entire comment is displayed? If not, do you mind trying that and keeping me posted on your findings?

We'll make sure you can print the entire comments from Review 360!