Review link and team development

Jul 30, 2018

We have several people on our team, each developing lessons for the full course. We each publish our own links for the client to review.

For example, we are persons A, B, and C.  A is building lessons 1-4, B is building lessons 5-9, and C 10-15.  

If B is out of the office, and we need to make a change then republish one of her lessons to the  link she created , is there a way to allow A or C to publish to a link created by B?    

(We don't want to create a new link, because the client has already added comments and we want to keep the comments together.)



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hanna,

Love the idea to give every user on a team the ability to publish content to a shared Team Articulate Review account or folder. I will certainly pass this along to our Product team! 

Hopefully things are going well otherwise in Articulate 360, and let us know if you have any further questions!