Adding Audio to main page in Rise

Aug 30, 2017

Hi I've read the discussion threads around adding audio to Rise courses using Blocks but is there a way to add audio to the main page in Rise? My stakeholders would like to insert audio introducing the course but I don't see any options to do that currently. Is this possible.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for your question, Tracy! Instead of adding introductory text to the main page, have you considered adding an introductory Blocks lesson to the beginning of your course?

That way, you can add anything you like to the course introduction--text, audio, video...the list goes on! When your learners click the "Start" button from the main page, it'll be the first lesson they see. 

I hope that sparks some ideas for you!


Hello,  What exactly is an Introductory Audo block?  The choices I see under Blocks are Text, Statement, Quote, List, Image, Gallery, MultiMedia, Interactive, Knowledge Check, Chart and Divider.  I am trying to add audio to my course's Introductory Page and to other Lessons/Pages that have text boxes.

John Payton

Forgive me if I'm wrong but I think Crystal's response is correct. There is currently no way to add an audio block to the main page with the START COURSE button. Our client really wants this capability and it is hard to tell them "sorry". They want to provide basic course navigation instruction before the user has to click START COURSE. Will this never be a capability?

Alisa Funk

John, there are multiple threads on this forum spanning over 4 years begging for that function. This is a simple accessibility issue!  During COVID we had to give people that can barely use a flip phone a TABLET and ask them to navigate a complex class. (Computers are NOT an option, hence why I am stuck with Rise, as oppose to beautiful and ever-functional Storyline with millions of triggers I can do - these users cannot do email! So - no LMS). Those are often the venerable of the population, people that cannot sit in a classroom because of health concerns, but still have to come to work. 

Rise offers an easy to use design and slick features, but there are users out there that will sit there and stare at the tablet with "click here" button in front of them and not know what to do. There has to be an ability to reach out to them with a voice and explain that the rectangle that says "click here" is a button that needs to be touched with a finger without a glove. 

Please see links below to some of the older threads asking for that feature:

Please let me know if you would like more clarification.

John Payton

Thank you for your response Alisa. I understand what you are saying about usability issues. However... as an e-learning developer for major automobile manufacturers for over 25 years, my opinion is that this type of decision should be in the hands of the developers who know exactly what their clients want for their audience - not restricted by the development tools as a matter of principle. Seems like a simple ask to implement. The failure to meet the request causes our clients to re-think the decision to use courses developed in RISE. I am impressed with the ease of use and multi-device flexibility of RISE and I do not expect it to reach Storyline level of interaction and control. But some of these requested capabilities would only serve to make RISE more desirable as a course development option.


Gina Maynard

I am also interested in adding a quick sound on the main/intro page of the course. I want to attach a sound to the "Start Course" button (button is clicked, sound occurs, and module goes to the first page). The sound is recognizable to the industry. 

I hope this can become an option as my clients are very interested in this as well. 

Edward Hoke

Hi All:

Of course this has not been remedied yet. In light of accessibility compliance, I would also like to place audio in the splash pages of Quizzes, in each of the Quiz question/and feedback for them, and in Tabs or other Interactive blocks. Why not in the "Themes" section. Sorry Articulate, but it is 2023 and the era of inclusion. If you have a solution in 2023, please let us know. Thanks!