Adding "Continue" button to Rise Quiz


I have a lesson that comes after a Quiz to wrap up the module and thank the student for participating.  However, there is no way to add a "Continue" button in a block for a quiz.

I do not want my students to be able to navigate freely using the sidebar, so I have that options set to "Closed."

Quizzes are considered "lessons" so why is there no option to add Block functionality?   This feature was just rolled out for all other lesson types just last week, so how did Quizzes miss the cut?

What are my options here?  I do see that others have asked the same question in the forums but I am on a tight delivery schedule and need to have this addressed ASAP.  I also see a workaround that someone offered using Storyline, but I do not want to go through that unless it is absolutely necessary.  

This feature should be in Rise.

Thank you.


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Renz Sevilla

Hi Paul! Thanks for reaching out! 

Can you please check that you're previewing the whole course and not a particular section of the Quiz? 

If you're viewing a published version, please make sure you have published the latest version to Review 360 or exported it recently.

If you're still having trouble, can you please try clearing your web browser cache? Here are a couple of ways of doing that based on the browser you're using:

mitch horn

Hi there, 

I have a Rise build that is only a quiz. I am needing to have the continue button appear at the end. 

I have attempted the settings in this thread, but still, nothing showing up. 

I have attached screenshots of the settings and the issue, is there anyone that can offer some help?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mitch! 

From your screenshots, I can see you selected the continue button on the quiz settings page, and you turned on the previous and next buttons in the course settings. You're almost there!

Now, you just need to add another lesson after the quiz. It could be a "Conclusion" lesson letting the learner know the course is finished. 

Once you've added a lesson after the quiz, preview the entire course. Then you should see the continue button!

Michal Marcinkowski

I was able to do it in a way described above however this still is not something I am looking for - and I believe there are more users like me. Good to have option to see 'Continue' button if there is a lesson after quiz. However what would be really useful is to actually be able to just add button which is a block (or any other blocks) like in Lesson. For instance to add interactive block to exit course after quiz  etc or to add some details after quiz.  As there is no option to edit/add quiz summary/note in the quiz functionality itself.
So, I guess the question about adding Button as a block in/after quiz is still valid and it would be great to have that feature.


Alicia Peters

Hi Alyssa, I can't get what you have above to work.  I still don't see a Continue button at the bottom of my quiz, allowing the learner to proceed to the next step.  Which in my case is a survey.  I do notice that you have the Require Passing Score to Continue turned off.  Would that make a difference?  I wouldn't think it would.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alicia. If learners fail the quiz, they won't be able to continue to the next lesson, so it could be a factor. Make sure you're previewing the entire course and not just the quiz. If that still isn't working, can you please share a screenshot of your course navigation settings and your quiz settings? If you prefer to work with us 1-on-1, you can start a case here!