Adding Spreadsheets into Rise?

Dec 10, 2016

Is there a way to add a spreadsheet into Rise. Looking to include contact information into a lesson for a Board of Directors Onboarding Course: Name, Position, Number, Email.  Doesn't need to have functions or features, just for organizing the info above.

Thanks for the guidance!

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Kelly-Anne Slatton

Unfortunately you still cannot create charts/tables directly in Rise, or import from ppt, word, or excel. My content has a ton of tables and currently I have to create them in ppt, export as an image, open it in another program to crop it so there isn't a ton of white space around it making it smaller in rise, and then add it to rise in an image block. Would definitely love to not have to do this anymore!

Chet Hertz

Sometimes I just use picture of the table, as you say -- if the table is small enough and/or the table's native formatting is something important to show. 

But a couple of the needs I have call for bigger tables than that solution is ideal for.  So I learned that I can maintain the table in excel and copy just the rows and columns I want, then paste those into a Rise text block. 

The default paste result looks weird, so then I select the whole of the paste content in rise and change the font size down to 12 point.  Which actually looks not too bad. 

Caveat: if any of the copy source cells have links defined, those links need to be redefined manually in Rise after the paste.  At least that's my experience, and I can't find a way around that.

Yeah, granted, it's a little bit of a kludgy workaround.  But Rise has been such a terrific tool for me in so many other ways that I'm more than willing to employ a makeshift solution here and there as necessary (for second-tier needs) while awaiting the evolution of their roadmap.  Hope this info helps, K-A S and community.

Anton Havenga

Thank you Kelly for giving direction on how to add a table into Rise. My training documents also include a lot of Step Action tables which need to be added for my learners.

Unfortunately it now takes quite a lot of extra work to be able to add tables into Rise.  This adds to the time it takes to put a training document together :-(