Adding your own character to a RIse scenario

Sep 16, 2019

Is there any way to add your own character to a Rise scenario?  I don't think adding them to a background image will work well since the image it blurred a bit on purpose? I'd appreciate any ideas?

Thank you.

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Michael Anselmo

Renae, it looks like someone figured out a way to do it, if this is what you're trying to do...unfortunately it was too late for my project, but it looks nice and easy. I hope this helps?

Using custom characters for Scenarios in Rise - Rise 360 Discussions - E-Learning Heroes (

Tim St. Clair

The type of characters I've often wished were present that would make the scenario block considerable. I've had a lot of cases where the scenario block isn't acceptable to my clients because of the limited diversity of characters and inability to replace them (in a maintainable way).

  • doctors who don't look like surgeons in gowns and lab coats (which is very region-centric)
  • trades people wearing non-orange ppe (many workplaces have specific regulation on which colour ppe is and is not acceptable).
  • children both elementary and secondary age for training scenarios particularly around childhood consent
  • diverse genders with perceived dysmorphia conditions such as obesity and anorexia
  • vector art characters with tonable skin (similar to how storyset or illustrationkit do it), clothing options such as burqas, turbans, gowns, etc