Articulate Rise Won't Load

Jul 23, 2019

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? My Rise course won't load and gets caught in on the "course loading" screen. My colleague is having a similar issue.

Anyone else?

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Karl Muller

Rise 360: Errors when viewing Rise 360 dashboard and course Share links
Investigating - When accessing Rise 360, or trying to view a Share link for a Rise 360 course, you may see prolonged loading time followed by an error. We're investigating this issue, and we'll update you here when we know more. We're so sorry for the trouble!
Jan 12, 15:47 UTC


Alyssa Gomez

Hi, everyone. We've identified an outage with Rise 360 where you may see prolonged loading time followed by an error when accessing Rise 360 or when trying to view a Share link for a Rise 360 course.

You can follow our status page for updates by clicking here. I'll also update you here once the situation is resolved. I'm sorry for the trouble!

Lea Agato

Hi, Melor! We’re having some technical problems in Rise 360, and it is currently unavailable. We’re sorry for the trouble! We have a status for Rise 360 here, and you can subscribe to get email notifications on updates, so you’ll always know the latest. We'll share an update here too once we're in the clear.

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Megan. We've identified the maintenance issue that some folks are experiencing as a problem related to caching. Please check that you've cleared your cached images and files as in this screenshot:

image of browser history with clear cache checked

If that doesn't work, please connect with us by clicking here and provide what browser you're using as well as the URL where you're experiencing this issue.