Rise SCORM files and NetDimensions

Dec 13, 2016

Just published/exported our first Rise course in SCORM 2004, 4th Edition.

Code checks out fine in SCORM Cloud, but course won't load in our NetDimensions LMS.

Anyone else experienced this?  Thanks in advance!

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Justin Grenier

Hey, Paul.

Thanks for giving Rise a try and for testing in SCORM Cloud.  That would have been our first recommendation!

Do you get a meaningful error message from NetDimensions, or is the LMS just generally unresponsive to the upload process?  Is there anything their support team can tell you they don't like about the structure of your zipped SCORM 2004 course?

It could be that NetDimensions is accustomed to the LMS output of our desktop authoring tools and isn't quite sure how to handle a Rise course, but that shouldn't happen as long as they are compliant with the SCORM 2004 standard.

Let us know if you get any other details and we're happy to help!

Julia Koller

Hi Justin,

Paul and I are colleagues and I am helping troubleshoot this problem. I have not yet run it by NetDimensions' support staff, but that will be on my to-do list. In the meantime, the console log is showing the module hanging up on main.bundle.js. Specifically, some of the character mapping.

Would this be at the point we should also submit a support request with Articulate? We purchased a team license for 360... specifically so we could use Rise. Before purchasing, I tested output to make sure it worked in our LMS, and it did. I don't know what could have changed in meantime, that is causing this problem.

Justin Grenier

Hi Julia.

Information from NetDimensions support is going to be key to your troubleshooting process on this.  Our LMS output from Rise is built and well-tested for compatibility across all Learning Management Systems, so long as they comply with with the AICC or SCORM specification.  If NetDimensions can let you know of a specific problem they're seeing in your content, we'd be happy to take a deeper look at the problem.

Julia Koller

Thanks Justin. NetDimensions does comply with the SCORM specifications, but I will still make sure they have a copy of the Rise output to work with. I do not know how long it will take to work through their support process. I can say that there are some significant syntax errors within main.bundle.js. If others run across similar problems, it may be worthwhile to have a developer go in and fix the code.

Justin Grenier

Good questions, Julia.

The main.bundle.js file contains minified JavaScript, so I can see how it might feel confusing to try to validate the syntax of that file.  Let's see if we can come up with a more fruitful exercise.

The trick here is that if the content works OK in SCORM Cloud, NetDimensions really needs to tell us more about what they find fishy in your course.  However, if you're seeing exceptions in the browser console, it might be helpful for you to share a screenshot of those with us.  Make sure you expand the exception to show us the entire stack trace, like this:

Console Exception Stack Trace

Since Rise content needs to work broadly in hundreds of Learning Management Systems, it adheres pretty closely to the SCORM specification.  On the other hand, since the list of authoring tools on the market is much shorter, sometimes an LMS vendor might take a shortcut and support Storyline Content or Studio Content instead of carefully implementing hundreds of pages of SCORM 2004 rules.  The downside to that approach is the need to adapt quickly to new innovations like Rise.

Please let us know what you find!

Julia Koller

Hi Justin,

Thank you for continuing to help us work through this. I'm attaching 2 screenshots, showing the Network and Console logs. The third file is a copy of the script that I began working through to clean up.

I am very familiar (as much as one can be) with the ADL specifications, and I understand the challenges involved in creating a solid authoring tool.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I have taken so far:

  1. Double-check packaging so it complies with NetD's file structure requirements
  2. Verify that publishing platform (Mac/Windows) and encryption are not an issue
  3. Verify this is a NetD issue by testing on SCORM cloud (I have questions surrounding this, as the wrapper appears to be Rustici's in the first place, so I would expect it to run well on their server)
  4. Check that LMS launch settings are correct
  5. Compared my custom wrapped HTML5 files & Storyline 2 Output with Rise output
Chanda Carpenter

Hello, quick question. I see that NetDimensions resolved the issue you had with Rise. I'm wondering if your Rise courses are running well now in NetDimensions ? We are using NetDimensions and experiencing long load times for our courses  built in Rise (18 seconds plus).


Appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank you.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chanda! Sorry to hear Rise is running slow for you in NetDimensions. Have you had a chance to compare how it behaves in another environment, like SCORM Cloud? Since it's industry standard, that'll help us nail down whether the problem is related to Rise or to NetDimenions, specifically.

Let me know if you're seeing slow behavior in SCORM Cloud, too. I'm here to help!

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