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Jul 09, 2018


I'm hoping someone might have an idea for me, as I am at a loss here. I created a Rise course, and a SCORM1.2 package. Our internal facing LMS (NetDimensions) is taking 18 seconds to launch the course. I tested the same SCORM package on our internal facing LMS (Moodle), and it took 2 seconds. I also tested the same SCORM package on SCORM Cloud and it took 3.1 seconds. Here are some other things I've tried:

  1. I ran the Rise debugger - and indeed the LMS thinks it has delivered the course in about 2-3 seconds, however, it takes another 15 seconds to populate the browser window. (remember, the SCORM is only 2.4 megs???)
  2. I exported a SCORM2004 package just for fun and experienced similar long load times.
  3. I shared a copy of the course and had a colleague export a SCORM1.2 - same long load times experienced.
  4. I re-exported a Rise course from December 2017 - that was also 2.4 megs and had no long load time - but when I exported a SCORM1.2 package today and tested, we ran into the long load times again. 

Does anyone know if there were updates made to Rise since Dec 2017 that would impact SCORM download times?

Thank you - first for reading all the way down to here - and for any help you may be able to provide!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicole,

Sorry to hear that you're running into an issue with your Rise course.

Just to clarify, you're only seeing this issue in a particular course uploaded to NetDimensions? You're unable to replicate when uploading the same package to Moodle and SCORM Cloud, correct?

Are you able to replicate in a newly created file?

In point 4, you mention that you re-exported, which would mean a newly published in the current version.

As far as any updates to Rise, you can always find details of releases in the documentation here.

Nicole Sy


Thank you so much for replying......yes, on NetD we are experiencing long download times, and using the same SCORM package, we are unable to replicate on Moodle and SCORMCloud. (the course downloads in 2 and 3 seconds respectively) This is happening to an entire curriculum I built, which is comprised of 8 different SCORM packages, all under 5 megs each and all taking approximately 15020 seconds to populate the browser, even though the Rise debugger is giving a success communication after just 3 seconds or so.

And yes, in point 4 - I was trying to see if I took a small SCORM package that was behaving well on NetD (it was originally created and published with Rise in Dec 2017) and republish it today - and I was able to replicate the long download times on that newly published SCORM. hummm.......

I will check out the release documentation to see what occurred between Dec 2017 and now - thanks for that.

Let me know if I can clarify anything else - any help is much appreciated on this!


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for clarifying Nicole - I read 'and had no long load time' and thought it was fine. I see that you meant previously it had no issues and today it did.

Were there any updates to your LMS recently? Is the delay across browsers or a particular one?

I did a quick search and I'm not seeing anything reported on our side, but I'd like to better understand what may be happening for sure.

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