Can a Course Manager (vs Course Owner) upload an xlf?

Jul 02, 2021

Can a course manager upload an xlf or does it have to be the Course Owner?. I am a Course Manager trying to upload (like I usually do for courses where I am the owner) and it failed.  

Same translations process and company that always worked in past. 

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Dustin Doan

Hello Ellen!

Just to let you know you course managers should have the same access to upload xlf files as course owners. That being said, it could be a specific issue with the file or a bug in the system. Are you trying to upload your project into an xlf file? I added the roles below to show you the access and hope you have a good day!


Hazel Bartolome

Hi Ellen!

Just wanted to check if you made any changes to the course before uploading the XLF? If you did, then, it won't accept the XLF file because of the changes. If this is the case, you would need to export a new XLF file and use that for translation and upload it back to your Rise course.

If you didn't make any changes, and you're still having trouble, please open a case with us here,  so that our technical support engineers can take a closer look at it.